Top Tips for Data Security

July 14, 2017

Given the current climate, Online Direct is keen to offer you some advice on keeping your data and customer information secure. With many stories of large scale cyber attacks making the national news, and with so much competition for the sale of fresh energy data, here is what we suggest: Strong Passwords - Simple but effective, […]

Market Update – LNG Gas Shipment

July 6, 2017

This week sees the UK set to receive the first shipment of liquefied natural gas from the United States. The LNG carrier is scheduled to arrive on Saturday, carrying enough gas to cover approximately half of the UK’s average daily summer demand. The delivery will add more diversity to the source of gas supply to […]

Market update – Rough Closure

June 21, 2017

MARKET UPDATE Centrica have announced they will be closing the Rough Storage facility within the next four to five years. Rough, located just off the cost of Yorkshire, has become increasingly unsafe, and it is uneconomic for Centrica to continue with the constant repairs and refurbishment needed to keep the facility open. The storage facility […]

What Have We Learnt From Ten Days of a Deregulated Water Market?

April 11, 2017

The water market was deregulated on April 1st 2017, in the first week and a half we’ve seen this new utility offering being eagerly taken up by businesses who now have a further way in which they can control their energy spend and reduce their business’ running costs. As of April 10th, it was reported […]

News: U.S. Airstrikes Cause Oil Prices to Rise

April 7, 2017

Oil prices have jumped two percent, stemming from the U.S. launching cruise missiles at an airbase in Syria. The order came from U.S. President Donald Trump in retaliation to a deadly chemical weapons attack sent from the Syrian airfield earlier this week. Jeffrey Halley, from futures brokerage OANDA, asked the question “What will be the […]

Ofwat Publish TPI Principles for Water

April 5, 2017

Only a few days after the water market in England had been officially deregulated, Ofwat has taken the opportunity to push ahead with their plans to implement a non-binding code for TPIs. This was the softer of the two approaches they discussed in their consultation document, published in March of this year. As it is […]

What does the budget mean for your business and customers?

March 14, 2017

Spring Budget 2017

Last week saw Philip Hammond unveil the budget and made headlines around the country with reforms to the economy that have been met with sceptical eyes. We’re going to take a look at what the budget means for your business and also your customers. The economic growth forecast remained unchanged for 2021 based on last year’s […]

Top 5 Benefits of Smart Meters

September 6, 2016

A study released in August from Smart Energy GB and Populous found that nearly 80% of smart meter owners would recommend them. The government plans to install 53 million meters in homes and businesses by 2020. We’re always keen to help our brokers increase their income and customer base and so we’ve put together the […]

Hinkley Point

September 6, 2016


Hinkley Point, the UK’s first new nuclear power station for a generation,  is in danger of being written off after the government revisited the £18bn project and postponed a  final decision, despite EDF, who are behind it, voting to start work. The project was strongly backed by David Cameron when he was in power however […]

Ofgem announce industry-changing reforms

August 4, 2016


On August 3 2016, OFGEM announced their proposals to stimulate customer engagement in regards to getting a more competitive rate for their utilities from suppliers. These proposals come off the back of the final report released in June from the CMA who had spent two years investigating the industry and suggested proposals they felt would increase […]