Spend more time selling with energyengine®

Online Direct has developed energyengine®, the world’s most sophisticated point of sale, contract sourcing, management and compliance tool. What’s more we’ve made it available for free to all energy brokers and consultants transacting within our network.




With energyengine® you can quote, submit, validate and track contract applications across a range of energy suppliers and products – allowing you to keep your customers informed at each step of the transfer process.

Transact with the confidence that you have at your disposal the widest range of products available for your customers and you are operating within the regulatory framework.


Go faster for less

Reduce contract submission time by 50% and save time and money.

Forget printouts. Forever! energyengine® provides instantaneous quotations based on the most up-to-date pricing. It also enables you track the status of contracts in real time and have them automatically validated.


Manage your business

energyengine® gives you a handle on your business. Take a bird’s eye view of your entire portfolio from the dashboard or drill down into readily available management information to health check the performance of your business. Easily manage your finances with our commission tracking tool.



Take your business with you! energyengine® is a cloud system so it’s accessible from anywhere you can get the internet. What’s more it’s operating system and device agnostic – so it works the same whether you’re accessing it from Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac or any Smartphone.


Manage your customers

With free access to energyengine® a state of the art, cloud-based software platform you can control your business like never before. Manage the sales process, improve customer relationships, access detailed management reports and much, much more.



Put your business in the cloud and mitigate the risks of fire, theft or sabotage. Create multiple user identities and manage individual access levels from a central control panel.



Get ahead of the game and make your business compliant now. energyengine® has been built with future compliance to Ofgem’s code in mind.

In every area – ranging from the training of your staff to encourage clear and truthful selling, providing accurate pre-contractual information to customers, and consolidation of the sale with the customer once completed, energyengine® has it covered. It even allows to you to vet your staff and monitor their activity.