Interested in Becoming a Water Broker?

Why Should I Become a Water Broker?

The water market for England is now open. 1.4 million Businesses are eligible to take advantage of this market change and we’re keen to encourage energy brokers, new and existing, to add this utility to their service portfolio. Brokers will be the first port of call for most businesses. Your customers will look to you to guide them through, and simplify this new market. The infancy of an open water market means that businesses will need someone to help secure them the best deal available, and help them evaluate what their needs as an organisation are and maximise the amount of money they save on their bills.

Water Broker
Why should I become a water broker

Benefits of Selling Water to UK Businesses

  • Expand Your Offerings -  Water offers another string to your bow when talking to your customers and prospects
  • Recession Proof Commodity - Much like gas and electricity, businesses will always need water to operate
  • Less Volatile Pricing - Unlike other utilities, water pricing is a lot more stable and does not regularly incur volatile price changes
  • Increased Customer Contact -  All businesses within England and Scotland are eligible to be sold water, this gives you a target market ranging from micro-businesses to large Corporate  customers
  • Perfect Entry-Level Product for New Brokers and New Customers -  The learning curve to sell water is not as steep as that to sell other utilities. This makes it perfect for people new to the business. Customers, also, are not going to be well-versed with being able to change their water supplier and will be looking for help to navigate uncharted territory

Why Work With Online Direct?

We’re approaching this new market with the same aims that we currently have for our core energy business – to provide you with the best chance of maximising your customer base, by providing a platform and process that is as efficient and simple as possible, whether you’re dealing with SME or Corporate water contracts.

Online Direct are keen to ensure that our brokers enjoy the same benefits in Water that you see for Energy. We have carved out some attractive offerings from UK water retailers and are keen to pass these on to our broker network. We will also be working with brokers to secure water contracts throughout England and Scotland. Here are some further reasons why we’re the intermediary of choice for numerous energy brokers already:

Join the largest network of energy brokers in the UK

We’re the partner of choice for over a thousand energy brokers, helping them to secure over thirty-thousand contracts every year.

We’re Entirely Independent

We pride ourselves on being the only independent intermediary in the UK, we have no allegiance to any supplier, nor are we restricted by who we can work with.

We Don’t Sell Direct

We work exclusively with brokers, and don’t sell to the end users ourselves. We’re uniquely positioned, in that the only time we’d ever speak to your customers, is when you have asked us to.

Industry-Leading Rates & Payment Terms

Due our relationships with leading energy suppliers you’ll be able to get preferential products, prices, and payment terms.

We’re Customer-Orientated

In our last customer survey, over three-quarters of our partners gave our teams top marks for their product and market knowledge.

Dedicated Account Management and Support

Receive back-office support that enables you to concentrate on growing your business knowing that you’ll receive support and services at every step on the journey from pre-sales to completion of your contracts.

Stay Informed

By becoming one of our partners you’ll receive regular market intelligence reports regarding industry news, wholesale price changes, and industry trends to make sure you remain a step ahead of your competition.

Exceptional ‘Live’ Rates

Our team boast outstanding ‘live’ rates within the industry.

If you’re interested in becoming a water broker it’s as simple as picking up the phone and calling 01604 641363 or Contact our water team directly