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OutBroker™ is the outsourced energy brokerage service from Online Direct.

Whether you’re a commercial organisation with an established clientele looking for a smart way into the energy market, or an energy broker looking to offload the hassle and costs of running any element of your front or back office, you can trust our team to help.

Maximise and protect your business

OutBroker™ is a fast, free and fully compliant route into the energy sales market for any organisation looking to maximise and protect existing client relationships, and add a profitable new revenue stream overnight.

Our fully trained team will manage everything from the marketing and selling of your new energy service, through to contract completion and renewals, and everything in-between. You don’t have to do a thing.

Energy brokers

Let us run your book
If you’re an existing energy broker, we can run any element of your business for you, from quote to renewal. By letting us worry about the day-to-day, you can spend more time growing your business and avoid spiralling front and back office costs.

Safety guaranteed

We understand that protecting your brand and reputation is paramount. That’s why we work closely with you to get under the skin of your business and agree strict protocols up-front for contacting your customers.

OutBroker™ has been honed from the experience of selling over 200,000 energy contracts over the past 15 years and is underpinned by EnergyEngine®, our world class energy sales platform.

Branding options


For companies that want to retain full visibility in front of their customers our team will fulfil sales acting as your company.


For companies that want their brand to be visible, but at the same retain some distance between themselves and the service provision we run a co-branded partner service.


For companies that want to enter the energy market with total discretion, OutBroker™ is provided through our own branded energy company.