1, 2, 3, LIVE!


In July we announced plans to refine our team structures to better serve the needs of our Brokers.  Well, fast forward a few short weeks and I am delighted to share with you an exciting set of changes that will be coming into play with immediate effect.

A large part of our focus has been on the end to end the journey of an energy contract as it moves through all the necessary phases – from the initial quote to go live.  This thorough review has presented us with a number of opportunities to streamline our processes to better suit what we need to achieve at each stage of this journey. As such, the Broker Support Team will be divided into sub-teams that will specialise in a specific set of tasks This will provide a platform for the expertise and specialisms within our teams to thrive and more importantly create a better-targeted approach to how we serve our Brokers.  The net result will see a more efficient process, a better quality of service, and faster response times.

The new team setup, led by Emily Hickford, Broker Support Manager, means that we now have the following 4 specialist sub-teams:

Pre-Sales Team

Your journey will start with this diligent team. They will facilitate all of the pre-sale verifications needed in order to successfully see the contract through to ‘live’ status.


Contract Validation & Submissions Team

Next, the process moves to the eagle-eyed team here;


The team’s main purpose is to focus on the validation and approval checks required before a sale is submitted to the supplier. They are great in guiding our Brokers through any rejections and queries and adept at working closely with our energyengine® Pricing Team to offer support with any matrix pricing queries too.

We have some of our most experienced staff in this newly formed team to help drive and improve validation processes in this critical stage of the contract journey.

COT, Billing & Metering Team

We understand that as a Broker, providing customers with assistance for billing and metering is essential in building and maintaining a customer relationship, and can often play a part in the business being secured. So, we took it upon ourselves to put together this specialist duo are solely focused on providing guidance and support across all metering and billing queries, ranging from AMR disputes to meter read logging.


Live Team

Our supercharged ‘Go Live’ experts will be dedicated to overturning and disputing queries to ensure the sale reaches a successful conclusion and live status.

We look forward to all of the positive changes this new team structure will bring.

Many thanks,

Emily Hickford

Supplier Relationship & Broker Support Manager