A fresh approach to Customer Service


I joined OnlineDIRECT in November 2017 after 10 years with a supplier of Gas and Electricity. What was very clear from the onset, is that there was some real talent within the Teams at OnlineDIRECT, however whilst the operation ran well, teams worked in silo, there was no connection with what the rest of the Business was doing. Together with the Team Managers, we created efficiencies across all work streams across the Customer Service Department.

Below, I’ve outlined some of the key improvements we’ve made in the last year.

For the Frontline Customer Service Team:

  • Improving the time it takes to resolve our queries (from 9 days to 2.5) resulted in fewer inbound calls to our Frontline.
  • Changing the process in the way that we managed our Broker Tickets, by empowering the Frontline staff to take ownership of a Ticket until resolution has resulted in the reduction of days to resolve from 25 days to 3.
  • An increased focus on coaching and quality checks meant that when our Customers do call in, they receive exemplary customer service.

For the Secondline

  • The former Bespoke and Supplier Teams were integrated, and cross training created a flexible workforce that is dedicated to building strong partnerships with our Suppliers.
  • Increased focus on live reports reduced Broker contact on contract statuses, allowing Broker increased visibility.
  • Stronger internal relationships helped form the analysis that supported our Brokers with improving the quality of submitted contracts, which increased contract live rates for our Brokers.

Specialist Team

  • Not every contract goes live without a hitch; but our Specialist Team will work on the objections within 24 hours of being returned by the Supplier. The average days it takes to resolve objections has reduced from 19 days, to just 2.. This quick turnaround results in contracts going live and prevents out of contract rates for Customers.
  • Working closely with our IT department, this Team works on all supplier price changes, testing and imputing them on to the energyengine® to ensure that our Brokers have always have access to all supplier gas and electricity prices.
  • The new connections experts can support our Brokers with an effortless service for what can be a complex process. They will handle the process from install to live with industry leading time frames

2018 has been the year of change for the Customer Service Team. We are now a customer-centric organisation that thrives on delivering great service.

We will continue to build on this foundation, looking for opportunities for continuous improvement and along with the Supplier Relationship Manager, grow our external partnerships. We will welcome Supplier compliance audits, and we continue to keep abreast with any regulatory changes with a view to supporting our Brokers in this heavily regulated industry.

By Kerry Law – Head of Customer Services