Being adaptable will be critical to the industry’s recovery


I write this post having just been informed that 95% of all our brokers have now submitted contracts since the lockdown has been put in place.  This comes after I was delighted to be able to welcome back another 35% of those team members who had been furloughed.  These are hugely encouraging and most welcome signs that our industry is getting itself back on its feet and the wheels are starting to turn again in the right direction.  Clearly, it’s not going to be an overnight recovery, especially for some of the hardest hit industries who look likely to face a long and arduous journey back to firmer footing.  For us in the business energy sector I remain bullish that for those with the right mindset and proposition in place we will be back to pre-pandemic positions sooner rather than later.

Although we’ve clearly not seen a situation like this before, in 21 years of business, OnlineDIRECT has had to face and overcome adversity many times.  In fact, it’s become an integral part of our culture and DNA.  We’re proud of it and we embrace it.  Our ability to do this comes from remaining adaptable and reactive to change.  Our market has always been in varying states of flux, be that as a result of pricing dynamics, product innovations or shifting behaviours within the end customer base.  As such we’ve always maintained a willingness to adapt and evolve in order to meet the changing needs of the market.  This takes courage and bravery but at critical points in our history it’s been the difference and allowed us to maintain stability and growth.  Once again, we’re calling upon this capability to help us and our broker partners accelerate the recovery process but importantly kick on from there.

Well before we’d even heard of the coronavirus we had drawn up plans on how to improve and evolve the business to better suit the day to day needs of our brokers but also strengthen our proposition for the future.  These plans remain very much alive, regardless of the pandemic and it’s been incredibly satisfying to see them start to come to life.

Over the coming weeks and months both myself and the team look forward to working and collaborating with you as we continue to improve and adapt.


David Coombs, CEO