Energy Analytics

‘Energy Analytics’ is designed to help you bring your customer’s energy usage to life, anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Watch the video to find out more and start adding value to your business today.

Energy Analytics - Seamless access from energyengine®.


Anytime, Anywhere from Any Device

Whether you’re engaging with your customer on site visits, or supporting remotely, share their real-time energy performance with them, through any device.


Real-Time Reporting

Get rapid, real-time access to your customer’s usage data via our fully responsive Energy Analytics service.  Intuitive and impactful data visualisation including the ability to customise key metrics to help customers improve efficiency and save costs.



This service will act as a cornerstone to helping our Brokers diversify.

Sam Hicks, Product Development Manager


What's in it for you?

What businesses need from energy Brokers and TPIs is changing.  Whether you’re a SME business owner or Head of Facilities at a large corporate there is a growing requirement to better understand, control, and manage your business energy.  This is an opportunity for Brokers and TPIs to step in and add value – earning the ‘trusted advisor’ status and strengthening the relationship.


Save your customers money


With non-commodity costs expected to continue rising, provide alternative solutions to help reduce your customer’s overall energy spend.


Demonstrate a greater subject matter understanding


Earn the ‘trusted advisor’ status by offering a comprehensive analysis of your customer’s energy consumption.


Use data and insights to add value


Offer a greater understanding of your customer’s energy consumption to provide valuable insight into targeting inefficiencies as well as identifying potential waste.


Better customer retention


Use informative energy reporting to strengthen existing business relationships, adding further diversity to your business within the UK Energy Market.


Help to reduce climate change


Understand your customer’s energy impact on the environment and showcase ways they can play their part to build a more sustainable future.


Unlock a deeper customer relationship


Strengthen existing relationships by broadening the engagement you have with your customer’s.

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