Energy Transition

In order to comply with the UK’s 2050 Net-Zero commitments, businesses will be expected to transition its energy consumption from fossil-based sources to one which emits zero-carbon. To prepare for this radical shift, OnlineDIRECT is offering Brokers a service which can help formulate a long-term Net-Zero strategy for customers.

Energy consumption is the second largest contributor to carbon emissions in the UK.  At the same time, it’s estimated that 70% of UK businesses use the services of a Third Party Intermediary to procure their energy supply.

Therefore, as part of OnlineDIRECT’s ongoing commitment to continue supporting Energy Brokers, we foresee this as an area of opportunity for Brokers to add further value to its key customers by implementing a clear and effective road-map for consumers looking to reduce their Carbon Emissions.

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Tackling Net-Zero Together

We were joined by Duncan Wigney, Director at SRD Technical, Ben Stocking, Director at Jonstar, and Liam Page, TPI Manager at Ecotricity for our podcast, presented by Energy Live News (ELN).  The expert panel discussed the importance of Net-Zero and why Brokers should be prepared to have conversations with their customers around this topic.  We are passionate about helping our Broker network get ahead of pending laws to mandate change and we are committed to offering the service and support our Brokers will need to help their customer make this transition now.


Access to Expert Knowledge and Services

OnlineDIRECT has partnered with industry experts to equip Brokers with the tools and knowledge to help support businesses through the ‘Energy Transition’, all via a consultancy-led approach. The Energy Transition describes the transformation of businesses and the process of how its energy is consumed from a fossil-based fuel to one of which emits low, or even zero emissions. While the UK continues its collective acceleration towards Net-Zero, UK businesses will soon be expected to follow to help achieve these ambitious targets. This is likely to pose a number of significant risks to UK businesses, all of which they will need to manage effectively and OnlineDIRECT, together with our connections, can help pave the way.


TPI’s can play a pivotal role to help UK businesses through the Energy Transition.

Sam Hicks, Product Development Manager


What's in it for you?


Better customer retention


By supporting your customer’s with a clear strategy through the Energy Transition, strengthen your key existing relationships, and diversify your business within the UK Energy Market.


Support your customers to reach Net-Zero


Understand your customer’s energy impact on the environment and showcase a variety of solutions they can utilise to help play their part to build a more sustainable future.


Enhance your customer’s reputation


Support your customers by enhancing their external reputation as a business that is ‘ahead of the curve’ in its own marketplace.


Unlock a deeper customer relationship


Earn the ‘trusted advisor’ status and strengthen existing relationships by broadening the engagement you have with customer’s about it’s energy consumption.

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