New Connections and Siteworks

Our specialist New Connections Team takes all the stress and inconvenience out of setting up Gas and Electricity connections, and meter installations. We leverage our market position and expertise, to ensure fast, smooth and competitive connections contracts for our Brokers and Partners.

We make New Connections simple and provide you with a service that is quick, efficient, and easy to sell. Our expert Team do the hard work for you, and equip you with everything you need to ensure your Customers’ get the best deal for their Business.

Meter Installations

Our New Connections Team will work with you to provide a bespoke service for each request. Our Brokers can expect a service offering the following:

  • Meter installations in 10-15 working days, subject to your Supplier choice and engineer availability
  • Wide range of Suppliers that offer no upfront cost options for meters
  • Access to a wide range of service providers, ensuring Customers’ needs are best met
  • Competitive supply contracts to support upgrades and new installations
  • New Gas and Electricity Meters


We offer Brokers a fully managed, and easy to understand Business Gas and Electricity Siteworks service.

In addition to New Meter Installations, we can arrange the following:

  • Service Alterations and Diversions
  • Supply Upgrades
  • New Connections

Customer Service & Support

We ensure our New Connections Team is made up of Industry experts, who pride themselves on exemplary customer service. We will support you throughout the tendering process, and ensure you’re equipped to present and explain quotes to your Customers. We’ve assisted in the procurement of thousands of New Connections and Siteworks requests, and we’re successful because we understand that no two customers are the same, and we work with our Brokers and Partners to tailor individual solutions.


They always aim to complete installations within your set timelines dependent on chosen supplier. What is more is they are happy to act as a support to your business by liaising with customers directly if required.

Ryan Hughes-Francis - Scottish Gas & Power


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