Now is the time to be pro-active


The announcement of Lockdown #3 was inevitable and whilst it clearly compounds the already challenging market conditions we’re all facing, we’ve remained resolute in our approach.  We must continue to be pro-active and 100% committed to supporting our broker and TPI community.  I have faith that we are in the final stretch of the pandemic so it’s more important than ever that we remain focused on doing everything possible to build momentum.

Operationally we’re well-positioned having climbed a steep learning curve during the lockdowns of 2020, this time around we’ve not needed to break stride.  In the first month of the year, we’ve seen some encouraging signs with a 20% increase in contracts being submitted by our Brokers. The team has returned after a well-deserved (yet different) break, with a positive attitude as they continue to offer each other support to maintain our excellent service levels and quick turnarounds.

Our plans for 2021 continue to push ahead, albeit slightly different due to the shifting landscape.  But our commitment to best support our Brokers and maintain our excellent service levels continue to be a top priority for us.  It is pleasing to hear positive feedback from our Brokers and Suppliers that we have maintained (improved in some cases) our service levels.

We understand the difficulties that many Brokers face and in light of this, we will continue to roll out additional training services to help provide extra support to both new and existing Brokers.

There are many exciting projects taking shape behind the scenes at OnlineDIRECT, and we look forward to sharing more on these soon. Even in these difficult times, our teams continue to work hard to balance personal commitments while ensuring the business continues to forge ahead.

As I write this, I cannot help but reflect on 2020 and the challenges we encountered in our industry.  I am tremendously proud of my colleagues for pulling together and demonstrating a high level of perseverance to get through these times.  We have dispatched a number of laptops for our colleagues with children to use for remote learning and we continue to remain adaptable to the changes needed to best support our peers.  We have also seen many positives came out of the pandemic, one being the strong relationships formed with both our Brokers and our Suppliers.  It has pushed us to come together as one unit to achieve the best results possible given the circumstances.

We are now beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and we remain available to you to help you through this period.  Please get in touch with our team if you require any guidance, likewise, if you are interested in joining our network of Brokers – get in touch!  We are still recruiting and there are no up-front costs!  Let’s do this together.


David Coombs, CEO