OnlineDIRECT proudly announces partnership with ‘Switch the Play’


We are delighted to announce our strategic partnership with the Switch the Play Foundation, the only registered UK charity dedicated to empowering professional sportspeople to plan for a successful life outside of sports.

At face value business energy services and retiring professional sportspeople aren’t an obvious fit.  However, following our introduction to the team at Switch the Play we quickly realised that both organisations share similar outlooks and beliefs when it comes to working in our respective industries.  We both firmly believe that remaining open-minded and adaptable to change is a critical component to ensuring happiness and success in the work we do.

Switch the Play was founded in 2014, achieving charity status in 2020, by a group of sports specialists and former sportspeople. The charity is dedicated to supporting all sportspeople to successfully transition into life outside of sport.  Keeping these individuals adaptable and open to change before, during and after this transition period is a major part of what the charity aims to achieve.

The same theme resonates throughout OnlineDIRECT’s 22 years in business where we’ve learned (the hard way at times) that remaining adaptable is critical to our growth.  Working in the volatile and ever-changing business energy sector calls for an open-minded and fluid approach.  It’s this mindset that’s played a major role in helping us to remain at the forefront of the industry.

As a result of these common beliefs, values, and our desire to support a fantastic cause we’re delighted to formalise our sponsorship and partnership with Switch the Play.

David Coombs, OnlineDIRECT CEO, said “We chose to partner with ‘Switch the Play’ because of the great work the organisation does by helping people adapt and change to better their situations.  A philosophy which runs throughout our company culture and one that we feel deeply passionate about”.

The partnership with Switch the Play provides us with a unique opportunity and we’re already exploring different ways in which we can support them including the potential launch of a training academy for retired sportspeople.

Ex England rugby union International and Switch the Play CEO, Leon Lloyd, commented; “Transition is our sweet spot. We are all about life outside of sport, and helping athletes find their next best career. Our partnership with OnlineDIRECT further deepens our offering and with the potential support of an energy broker training academy, it widens the spectrum of choice for our athletes. We are really excited about what we can achieve with the support of critical partners such as OnlineDIRECT.”


Many thanks,

David Coombs, CEO