OnlineDIRECT Sponsors FC Aztec U18’s


Social Responsibility


OnlineDIRECT takes corporate and social responsibility seriously. Our Culture Committee organises fundraising and volunteering activities throughout the year, offering all employees a chance to contribute financially, or by volunteering for causes we feel passionate about. And as a business, we are all committed to finding new ways to improve our society.

Supporting our local community is imperative to the success of our region and our Business, and  helping to support activities for children has always been an important part of the culture at OnlineDIRECT.

This year we are sponsoring FC Aztec’s under 18’s squad. FC Aztec is a youth Football team based at Montsaye Academy in Rothwell. It is a team renowned for inclusion, as it welcomes everyone, regardless of gender or skill set.

Boys, girls, gifted or simply enthusiastic are encouraged not to win at all costs but to develop an awareness of discipline, fair play, tolerance and good sportsmanship. This is all done within a friendly atmosphere, controlled by a team of dedicated members of the public giving up their own spare time for the benefit of the community.” –

Why is sport for children so important?


Sports activities for Children encourage young people to develop social skills which benefit them when they grow older, sport teaches team work and cooperation, and how to interact with people of different ages – all of which would be key attributes to any prospective OnlineDIRECT candidate.

According to a variety of sociological, and psychological studies, sports and physical activities contribute to improved self-esteem in children. Support from coaches, team mates and encouragement from parents and guardians all have a positive effect.

Sport also helps Children and young people maintain discipline – this could be tactical, physical or mental in nature. Good discipline of any sort, helps people to succeed, discipline helps players achieve their goals and reach their full potential.


If you would be interested in talking to OnlineDIRECT about sponsorship opportunities for your club or team – please contact and we will ensure all enquiries are discussed, and presented to our board for consideration.