Spotlight: Head of Sales – Nicky Wilson-Everett


Who are you and what do you do at OnlineDIRECT?

I’m Nicky Wilson-Everett and I’m the Head of Sales. I’m part of the Senior Leadership Team, and I lead the team responsible for delivering the annual margin into the business. I’ve been here just under a year.

What did you do before joining OD?

I trained at Kings College as a Nurse initially, before realising my passion for working with people would transfer well into Sales, so I then moved into the financial sales sector working for a large bank, before moving into advertising as Business Development Team Manager, then on to selling SAAS, before moving to a large energy brokerage in 2012 where I set up a division of the company in Sydney, Australia.

So you’ve not always worked in Energy then?

No, but all paths lead to Energy eventually! If you’re genuinely interested in building sustainable relationships with customers, and you like working in industry that is a combination of professional services, software sales, and customer centrism then it is unavoidable. I love the energy industry, it moves quickly, is underpinned by spectacular technology, and personally speaking, watching more and more women being employed in senior positions, is exciting to see. It’s no longer a boys club.

What brought you here?

The people. When I arrived to meet with the board for my interview, it was electrifying, everyone is so positive, and you can really see they care about what they’re doing. The atmosphere in Northampton is great, it’s cheesy, but we really are one big family. I wanted to work with these people, living round the corner, and the 4 minute commute was what sparked my initial interest, but I’ve not looked back, I look forward to getting to work every day.

What should we know about you?

Well, my family are everything to me. I’m a single working mum, with two beautiful daughters, and my mum is my inspiration, she’s so patient, and loving, and it’s the sort of Mum I really hope I am for my girls. My Dad is also amazing, and he doubles up as OnlineDIRECT’s photographer, and I love getting to involve my parents in what I do for my day job! I love a bit of eBay, and unsurprisingly as a Sales professional, I’m pretty good at flogging things online, and my youngest is closely following in my footsteps as an eBay Pro!

What are your favourite things?

Sunday dinners! Nothing beats a good roast, nice holidays, last year I spent two amazing weeks in Florida, this year I’m splitting my holidays in two, and having a week in Butlin’s with my youngest daughter, then a luxury week in Greece with my eldest daughter. Winning things? I’m hugely competitive, and have recently rediscovered my love of Hockey, having joined our local club with my eldest daughter this year, (after a 25 year break from playing).

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