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OnlineDIRECT are depended on and trusted by Brokers, and Suppliers alike. We embrace and drive industry change, we help Brokers learn how to close contracts, maximise live rates, and understand compliance and best practice.

Our success is dependent on yours; we want you to thrive, which is why we offer a number of carefully curated training courses.

We believe in helping energy Brokers build long term and successful businesses

Course 1: New to energy?

We’ve helped almost 2000 Brokers get access to the market. We will work with you to develop a bespoke training programme for you and your team to help you get started. Examples of the topics we can cover are:

  • Understanding the UK Energy market
  • Targeting Acquisition customers
  • Overcoming objections
  • Future Selling
  • Compliance

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Course 2: Best Practice

We have developed industry leading training solutions to assist you in selling clean and compliant offerings to your customers. We can work with you to improve your pre, and post contracting processes and provide you with an arsenal of information to ensure your Business is infallible!

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Course 3: Enhanced solutions

We know that diversifying your portfolio is the key to longevity in this industry. We have developed a range of solutions to help you maximise your potential. We can offer specialist training on:

  • New Connections and Siteworks
  • The UK Water Industry
  • Energy Management
  • Flexible procurement
  • Metering services.

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