Affiliate Partnerships

Our partnerships service is a pioneering offering for energy brokers and UK businesses, seamlessly seeking to add business energy sales as an extension to their existing proposition.


How does our Affiliate Partnerships service work?

This service has been designed to offer businesses, both within and outside the utility sectors, an opportunity to outsource energy sales as an extension to their existing sales operation.

We work with partners to grow or create new income streams with limited requirements for upfront investment. We work with a range of different partners across various sectors, all with different needs.

Energy Brokers

Working with energy consultants

We work with energy brokers, consultants and TPIs of all shapes and sizes to develop a plan and strategy to help achieve short, medium, and longer-term business goals. For some, it’s working towards retirement. For others, it’s rapid growth or maybe just seeking a better work-life balance.

Whatever you want to achieve, this service is built to act as a platform that enables you to meet these goals and aspirations. There is no need for significant investments or recruitment headaches as you can ‘turn on’ access to our highly experienced team of energy sales experts as and when you wish.

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UK Businesses

Supporting businesses with additional revenue

We work with various local and national businesses to offer additional revenue streams with zero upfront investment. We have extensive experience in delivering a seamless, white-labelled service, so you can rest assured your brand is in good hands.

By adding all of our energy services to your business, we help you diversify your customer offering, adding a new depth to relationships while improving customer retention.

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Our Partnerships in Numbers

This service has proved hugely popular to a range of different businesses. Whether you're a broker seeking to exit the energy industry, or a UK business with an existing customer base and looking to cross-sell, we've had a number of success stories.

6 Years Avg. Customer Lifespan

On average our team renew energy customers on behalf of our partners for 6 years. In most cases, we retain customers even longer.

40 Years Energy Experience

We have carefully selected a team of industry experts with over 40 years of sales and customer service

Close Rate Conversion

Of all introductions we are passed from our trusted affiliated partners, on average we close 6 in 10 of those opportunities.

Here is how we’ve helped some of our partners…


Broker seeks retirement plan

Energy broker seeking a retirement plan with long-standing renewal book

"My wife and I have run a successful brokerage on the west coast of Scotland since 1999. We have been working closely with OnlineDIRECT for some years now, and we have found they support our customers efficiently."

"OnlineDIRECT has shown that our clients matter, and they are always available to assist with any queries efficiently. We would therefore recommend any brokerage to take advantage of their service."

Waste company diversifies offering

Waste company develops new energy pricing service to diversify its service

"We specialise in waste and resource management for businesses across the UK. We have been working with our clients to enable them to commit to solutions which present low emissions for their waste and recycling."

"Many of our customers are also interested in low-carbon or renewable energy options for their energy supply. OnlineDIRECT embraces our partnership, helping our business to drive recurring revenues and most importantly support our customers with the implementation of a low-carbon energy strategy."

Brewery pledges publican support package

UK-based brewery develops utility support package for all its publicans

"Our goal is to help our publicans and their pub achieve its true potential. We pride ourselves on delivering our publicans with the infrastructure to run successful pubs"

"Having OnlineDIRECT as our energy partner to service our publicans for their utilities has exceeded our expectations. The service is a fully outsourced operation run by people who care about our publicans, and who can fix issues promptly."

*OnlineDIRECT will be paid a commission from the Supplier for services provided.

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