“Why training equals better business”


OnlineDIRECT’s Training and Compliance Manager explains why Broker Training equals better business


As the UK’s leading energy sales aggregator, we are often contacted by professional Businesses who are selling products and services B2B, and are looking to cross sell energy products in to their existing client base by joining our sales network as a Broker or Partner.


At OnlineDIRECT we can provide training sessions to help our Brokers & Partners meet the needs of their Customers.  Most of the training sessions we undertake tend to be for people who are new to energy brokering and a focus on understanding industry basics, what information to gather, where to find it, how OnlineDIRECT can help, compliance requirements, how to approach the sale.


If our recommendations and methods are understood and followed, it is easier for Brokers & Partners to complete the next bit – agreeing an energy contract with a Customer that is going to meet the Customer’s needs, Suppliers’ requirements, go live and generate a commission for the services provided.


Selling energy is rather like learning to ride a bike – when learning to ride you focus on the basics or you tend to fall off – and it hurts. Successful people learn how not to fall off, to do things correctly, learn the highway code etc. – or give up bike riding. Selling energy requires a similar focus – understanding the basics, the rules and regulations, best practice processes to achieve the required outcome


Our new to energy brokering training sessions are aimed at potential energy Brokers or Partners, or even our newly recruited staff. They are approx. 5 hours in duration. We will usually end with a run through of the OnlineDIRECT market leading energyengine® putting in to practice many of the best practice steps covered earlier.


We also provide best practice training sessions for existing energy Brokers who may need some help to help improve live rates, now and again a Broker may do all the right things but in the wrong order, working hard on sales which do not go live. A contract can fail for reasons that can often be avoided and a successful energy Broker recognises it costs very much more to win a customer than it does to retain an existing customer.

And we can tailor training packages on any of our enhanced solutions for established Brokers, looking to branch out from energy procurement.

We have a dedicated training room at our Northampton Offices which can accommodate 6 people in comfort, and we can easily arrange sessions for larger numbers. By agreement we can conduct sessions off site where a Broker or Partner has suitable facilities, we always work with you, to find solutions that best fit your business.

By Richard Thorncroft – Training and Compliance Manager